21 Candles
(Fruity Pebbles 21 / Roman Candles)


21 Candles (Fruity Pebbles 21 / Roman Candles) at week 4 looking like a warrior.

Here’s one of the last regular lines that were made before I moved. Super selective breeding that went into this rare program, when selecting the perfect female. (I believe there were only 10 packs ever made of the original FP line). This has been a super fun project with the Fruity Pebbles f1.

21 Candles kick out crazy buds with solid branching and single fat flowers that are covered in stick Tahoe Alien mango frost. •

The effect comes on fast and settling with these hybrid pheno’s.. Most pheno’s can bring on happy, giggly, sedating and intoxicating where it can be very enjoyable with your other half. So far I have had 4 reports saying it gets the blood flowing in all the right places. That’s for both parties.. •

Beautiful bushy plants with heavy resinous bud sites that turn out perfect for SCROG training.. •

Mold and mite resistant. •

Most pheno’s 1.0 stretch after 12/12 flip. •

Most pheno’s bring intoxicating fruit bowl fuel gas mango aromas that come through on mid •

Finish times are between 56-61 days indoors.•