Skunky Thai
(Chocolate Thai / Michigan Skunk)


(Chocolate Thai / Michigan Skunk)

For a Thai hybrid, this has been an extremely strong line for the guys that like to smoke tough. She kicks out medium flowers on a vertical branchy frame. Smells and flavors can range from Skunky chocolate fuel to earthy coffee roasted funk. •

Skunky Thai brings on a soaring high with a beautiful uplifting effect that can carry on for hours, depending on the pheno. The effect comes on fast and settling. Take in to much and it will send out a panic attack signal. •

This line kicks out frosty skunk spears that will need staking due to flimsy branching, only unless it’s a Skunk pheno. Those pheno’s will be more solid. •

Most pheno types are mold resistant •

Thai hybrids are 2.0 stretch, skunk hybrids are 1.5..

Finish times are between 10-11 weeks indoors depending on the pheno. This freak does not like over feeding. Keep her happy and she will keep everyone else happy. 😵🤤 •