Tahoe Alien Skunk
( Fruity Pebbles / Michigan Skunk)


This has been a super fun project with the Fruity Pebbles f1. This beast kicks out crazy buds with solid branching but mostly single fat flowers that are covered in Tahoe sticky skunk. •

The effect comes on fast and settling. It’s not super strong like most Tahoe pheno’s but very sedating, enjoyable and uplifting. Awesome line for the patients that don’t like that 1 hit panic weed. Excellent for lower back issues, inflammation and suppresses muscle spasms. I just had reports that one of my testers that ran this line is using it on his son to treat his psoriasis and skin rash. •

Training recommended. Since this line kicks out long heavy cola’s, using stakes or yoyo’s to hold up flowers will help a ton. Lollipopping is another recommendation. •

Mold and mite resistant. •

Most pheno’s 1.5 stretch after 12/12 flip. •

Burnt sour OG skunk aromas with hints of fuel and roasted almonds •

Finish times are between 62 and 70 days indoors. Cali reported outdoor finish times between September 28th- October 5th. Kentucky reported finish times between October 7th – 15th. •