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(SSSC 89 WILLIAM’S WONDER wilfred cut x WILLIAM’S WONDER washington state cut)

Notes: When old school meets old school. This matchup is a blast from the past and she puts a whole different spin to unique fire ass weed. Super amazing line to add to the arsenal. Take cuts. These are gonna go super fast. Small handful of packs were made. It’s up to you to make more.
PARENT’S: Wilfred cut is an old cut I picked up from my Uncle that lived in Tillamook, Oregon. To make a long winded story short, for years he offered me this cut and I always turned it down. I never heard of a line called Wilfred, until he told me that was just a name he gave this cut and it was actually called Williams Wonder from the one and only time he has ever purchased seeds, circa 1989 from a place called Super Sativa Seed Club. Lets just say that caught my attention real fast. Oldest cut I have to my name. As for the CASEY cut, I picked it up from a good friend in Vancouver, Washington. Not too much of a back story on this elite cut other than it was held super tight by an older gentleman and his family for years. Breeds like a champ and brings a super bright and soaring high to anything you wanna match her up with.
PHENO’S: So far I’ve seen a wide selection in old school broad leaf Indica’s that bring heavy flowers that are covered in crystals. Most pheno’s are short squat Christmas tree frame plants that love being topped. AROMA: Most pheno’s carry a Skunky trash can hardwood funk where others will carry a creamy citrus fuel bakery sharpie marker.
EFFECT: The buzz on this line is second to none. Soaring high right out the gates, but too much will keep you on the couch. Excellent for lower back strain, midnight munchies, headaches and sleep deprivation.
.5 -1.5 stretch
8 weeks flower indoors – outdoor MID- LATE September
Shoutout to my Uncle (RIP) , and my old Washington friend Casey


0.03 % Hemp seeds are illegal in most countries. Please check the laws and regulations in your state before germinating. These are for preservation / souvenir purposes only. We do not accept illegal acts with our gear.


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